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Acceptance all it’s cracked up to Be?

I really enjoy coaching others.

Is it because I am an altruistic, kind, warm hearted person? Quite possibly, but perhaps more likely is the excitement and thrill of being present with someone when they have a light bulb moment.

How often do you meet someone who who is burdened with indecision, procrastination and has tied themselves up in knots? They just cannot work out what has gone wrong, is going wrong and why whatever they do they end up feeling guilty. They try their best to work at relationships, to fix things, yet they seem to always be baring the brunt of poor behaviour from others and feeling guilty about it.


The Reflective Coach

After a challenging coaching session last week (in a good way). I came home with a renewed sense of purpose. I quickly made a note of the things I had committed to do before the next time I met my coach, and started on another list. The ‘me’ list, or rather it wasn’t a list, but as is so often the case when I have a whirlwind of ideas flying around in my head, a picture.

My grounded theory research has really helped me to take a lot of data and start drawing models, only they don’t look so good when photographed and squished into a shiny white sheet of an online article!

So after a bad photo and a few watsapp messages, my brother managed to put the ‘me’ list into something presentable to share with you all.

So what do two sets of traffic lights, a sunshine and some arrows have to do with waiting and reflecting?

Mothers' Career Development, here is what I found out in the summer of 2018

The research I conducted developed a model of career development in mothers within the studied organisation, with the aim of providing practical advice that can be used to retain mothers in senior management positions and support mothers’ career development.

What did I find?

The women revealed three major processes that they went through:

1.     Securing career

2.     Guilty working

3.     The slowing career

1.     Securing career

A defining moment of loss

The mothers spoke of there being a change in their circumstances and having a workplace scenario to navigate either before maternity leave or whilst on maternity leave, Examples included a change in job role, reducing hours, ceasing temporary promotion, applying for a job, and withdrawing from a talent programme. There were many different situations described and in most cases the women described their experiences as “unfair”.