How can I help you and your business get better?

I offer bespoke interventions, using a range of accredited skills and experience.

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JCA Global Emotional Intelligence Coach

I coach using the JCA Global Emotional Intelligence Profile. To date I have coached over 40 leaders using this tool. The tool provides insights into our emotional intelligence and offers development suggestions. My coaching results in meaningful and lasting behaviour change. More information about EI can be found at JCA Global.


MSc Organisational and Consumer Psychology

With a distinction in a British Psychological Society accredited masters I have both academic and applied experience in: leadership, engagement and motivation; behaviour change, learning and coaching; managing organisational culture and change; wellbeing at work; psychological assessment at work.


Mothers’ Career Development Research

My masters research resulted in a grounded theory of career development in mothers returning to work in management positions. A summary of my finding and practical recommendations for employers can can be found here.


Cognitive Behavioural Coach

I coach individuals and teams using a cognitive behavioural approach. My Certificate in Coaching is accredited by the British Psychological Society and the International Society for Psychology Coaching. Work life balance, resilience and stress management issues feature as frequent blockers for leadership potential and a cognitive behavioural approach to my coaching helps me coach the whole individual for lasting results. I am a member of the Association for Coaching.

I can also be found in the Life Coach Directory.



British Psychological Society Member and Association for Business Psychology Practitioner Member

I adhere to the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct and Practice Guidelines and ABP Code of conduct.


British Psychological Society, Register of Qualified Test Users

I am a registered psychological test user for ability tests and the NEO Personality Test which offers insights into the big five personality traits. I give feedback both written and orally which can assist with recruitment and selection, career development and career coaching. My entry on the Register can be found here.